Angel Fiorito-Leddy - Leather Footwear

Angél has made leather footwear and clothing since 1977. Apprenticing in the art of custom fitted moccasins with master shoemaker Scott Taylor, she began the journey in Eugene, Oregon. During that time she also studied tailoring and pattern making in college. Following her initial apprenticeship, Angél decided to become a teacher, taking on several apprentices over the years.

"I was influenced by my father's Italian family. My Grandfather told me that he had worked in a shoe repair shop in Italy as a boy, before coming to America. Many members of my family are involved in aspects of the footwear industry, from shoe repair to design and orthotics. My Uncle Don Fiorito was certified in Orthopedic footwear while serving in the Military. He has been a major influence in my learning about orthopedic materials.

The shoes and clothes I make, are American washable leathers. I love designing and have many sheepskin slipper styles which I make in sizes for adults and children. I also make several types of leather sandals that have orthopedic foams and arches, which rival the popular synthetic sandals so many people are wearing today.

Because of my training in custom shoes and working with folks who have special needs, I offer one on one design too. This includes designing a shoe for someone who is paralyzed to a shoe made from the persons foot cast, to custom leather clothing, and everything in between. There is a need for this type of custom work so I am always busy doing what I can for people who need custom leather work.”