Hazel Flett of Bodega Pastures

Hazel Flett of Bodega Pastures

Locally Raised

We have local Shepherds, Spinners and Weavers. Locally raised wool for sale. They sell handspun yarn in many fibers, both undyed and dyed. Bodega Pastures sells organic pillows, wool and sheepskins.


Artisan Showcases

Our artisans take pride in traditional handcraft methods and materials. Every two months we will showcase a group for you to meet and see their work. Upcoming showcase will be Photography on Saturday July 1st.

Francesca Scalpi specializes in wildlife portraits, black & white, landscapes, and local farm life. He work has been on displayed in the Sebastopol and Petaluma Centers for the Arts. She has exhibited in galleries in Sacramento, Graton, Guerneville and Gualala.

Benedicta Jacobs captures our local wildlife and landscapes with her camera.



The Artisans' Co-op Gallery features local photographers. At the showcase they will be demonstrating and discussing some of their techniques.

Sandra Reinhold captures local coastal scenes and has boxed card sets as well as single photo cards.

Bo Svensson specializes in landscape and travel photography. He capture some of the world's most beautiful images, at the most perfect moment. These images reflect his great love and respect for nature and man's proper place in it - that of observer, partner and preserver.