Over 50 Local Artisans


We have assembled work from over 50 local artisans. Each artisan is juried in to ensure a high level of quality and expertise in their particular craft. In our gallery you will find a variety of paintings types, photography, artful apparel, unique pottery, fused glass, special pieces of jewelry, colorful hand woven rugs, hand woven bags and journals, greeting cards from local artists and much more.  Below are samples of the work we have on display.



Glass & Wood

vases, dishes, jewelry, clocks, baskets, boxes

Art glass can be created a multitude of shapes and can incorporate color through a wide range of techniques. Hand-made items that can include the use of molds for shaping, ribbing, and spiking to produce decorative bubbles.

Wooden Boxes made from all recycled or up cycled material.  Each box is one of a kind. They come in  Keepsake, Jewelry, Recipe, Tea and Ring boxes. Our wooden bird houses are made with recycled material. Baskets woven from local kelp. Wood vases from master wood workers.


Unique Firing Techniques. Custom Glazes and Shapes

As ceramic artists, each of us utilizes different clay bodies, glaze applications, and firing techniques. Some of the pieces available are hand built, stamped, and molded to create items like dishes, wall hangings, decorative and functional dishes, and sculpture. Our other ceramicists work at the potter’s wheel, and throw bowls, vases, plates, mugs, and dishes. Much of the work we create is high fired in a gas kiln, leaving a finish that is food-safe and can be put the oven, dishwasher, and microwave. We also have artists that specialize in aesthetic pieces, and practice Raku firing, which is a Japanese firing technique that produces a unique and unpredictable blackened, metallic, or crackled finish. While our techniques vary, we each find beauty in the ability to transform clay into beautiful works of art.


Oils, Acrylic, Watercolors

Paintings On Canvas, Yupo, Wood & Rocks

Their work represents the full range of painting mediums, techniques, subjects and styles. Gallery visitors will find classic to experimental to whimsical watercolor, acrylic, oil, pastel, colored pencil. ink and collage paintings.
Paintings on textured surfaces created with acrylic texture mediums. Oil paintings using a palette knife instead of a brush.Watercolors on Yupo both opaque and translucent. Watercolored flowers available framed or on cards. Our "Porched Pet" Painted Rocks. Local artists paintings of our beautiful coastline or vineyards.



Gems, Rocks, Glass

Our jewelry artisans use a variety of techniques and materials to ensure you are getting a highly crafted unique piece of jewelry to wear or give as a gift. Our jewelers can manipulate metal, in order to achieve a wide variety of effects. Some using modern to traditional metal working techniques. Metal fabrication, enameling and up-cycled jewelry made from vintage flatware. Jewelry and crafts using California Sanddollars. We have a wide selection and price range.

Felt, Leather, Wool

Fiber Arts

Art that is created using natural or synthetic fibers or techniques that are traditionally thought of as relating to fiber, such as sewing or weaving. In our gallery you will find clothing made from hand weaved material. Leather goods from shoes, boots and vets. Hand knitted hats and sweaters. Felted custom design hats. Scarves and shawls hand weaves, felted or knitted. Wool from our locally raised sheep.  Raw wool available for spinning. Some of our yarn is dyed with natural materials. Notebooks and journals with weaved fabric jackets. Doll clothing from vintage hankercifs.



landscape, Wildlife, Black & White

Our photographers work in a variety of mediums and subject matters. Their work has been on exhibit in Art Centers and Museums. You can purchase their work displayed on wood, glass, aluminum, with archival mats, wood or metal frames.
You will experience the beauty of the world through our selection of travel photography. Wildlife portraits of majestic birds of prey and local mammals. Marine life from our California Coasts. Landscapes of sun rises, storms and sunsets.

Showcases & Events


Our gallery showcases local art and craft: paintings, photography, artful apparel, unique pottery, beautiful fused glass, special pieces of jewelry, journals, handspun yarn, sheepskin slippers, greeting cards from local artists and much more.

Every two months we host a showcase or an event. Our Artisans Day on Labor Day weekend has over 15 artists demonstrating their craft in celebration. Our Holiday Sale is legendary for great sales as well as holiday themed gifts.




Bodega Bay Chowder Day

Saturday January 26th, 2019

Time: 11 to 5pm Gallery Sale, Demonstrations and Raffle
Chowder Day Participants Get A Free Raffle Ticket For A Grand Prize


A Hitchcock Celebration

Saturday March 23rd, 2019

Time: 11 to 5pm Gallery Sale, Demonstrations and Raffle


Saturday May 25th

Time: 11 to 5pm Gallery Sale, Demonstrations and Raffle


Saturday July 6th

Time: 11 to 5pm Gallery Sale, Demonstrations and Raffle


Saturday August 31st

Time: 11 to 5pm Gallery Sale, Demonstrations and Raffle


SATURDAY November 30th

Time: 11 to 5pm Gallery Sale, Demonstrations and Raffle


December 21st to Jan. 2nd

Time: 11 to 5pm Gallery Sale




Visit Bodega
Art, Food, History and "The Birds"


We are located in the beautiful village of Bodega. You will find residences and business in buildings from the mid-to-late 19th century. It is a great stop on your way to the coast. It is steeped in history and film lore. The town of Bodega was known historically as Bodega Corners or Bodega Roads, to distinguish it from the Port of Bodega or Bodega Bay, as it is known today, which is about four miles from Bodega.

For film buffs take a drive to Bodega to see where the Alfred Hitchcock Movie "The Birds" was filmed. After filming “Shadow of A Doubt” in Santa Rosa in 1948, Alfred Hitchcock returned to Sonoma County in 1961 to find a remote coastal location for his next project “The Birds.”

In Bodega is where you can see the schoolhouse of Annie Hayworth (Suzanne Pleshette), at 17110 Bodega Lane, which, in the film, appears to be just up the hill from the bay. The house was originally a schoolhouse, a local community centre and for a while a guest house. It’s now a private residence.The 150 year old Potter School behind St. Theresa’s Church five miles south of Bodega Bay in Bodega, was vacant at the time of the filming. After Alfred Hitchcock’s crew repaired the exterior it was used for several scenes.

The Casino is a great local bar to hang out and have a brew. It is a hang out for some great local chefs who have rotating menus of the best local cuisine. Hog Island oysters, Dungeness crab, Akaushi beef, Salmon, Wild Bay Shrimp, Scallops and more. Nothing fancy about the dining experience just local down home atmosphere. Check in with the bartender and find out who is in the kitchen that night. Check out the chef's menu for the day.






Artisan Co-op Gallery in Bodega, is seeking Sonoma County artists and craft persons to join us.  Full time artist requires monthly attendance at one meeting, 2 to 3 days work, and a flat rate dues.  Consignment artists will also be considered.  Art must be hand made by the artist.   no imports allowed.  We encourage all artists to submit their work to be or juried.  Visit our gallery, 17175 Bodega Highway Bodega, CA. For information contact Judy Pagnusat  (judypag@gmail.com)

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