New Artisan Camille S. Hoffman - Pottery

Artist Statement
I have been immersed in clay for over 48 years and my discovery of clay is constantly evolving with every piece I make. Each piece is of ITS own SELF and the clay and I work together in the clay's creation of what IT wishes to be. All my glazes are of the highest quality commercial glazes made in the USA. They are food safe/non-toxic glazes. I throw and hand build with the finest porcelain, hybrid and stoneware clays that are available in the SF Bay Area. While I was living in Pacifica, CA, 1999-2011, I discovered clay in my backyard and "mined" it and made it into a fantastic slip, (for the exterior of my pieces), that is a rich chocolate color that shimmers in the sunlight due to the mica that is present in the clay. I love color and with the variety of glazes I can access, the variations are limitless. Enjoy!