Bodega Pastures - Wool, Yarn, Pillows, Comforters

Bodega Pastures is a remarkable 1000-acre sheep ranch in the coastal hills of
west Sonoma County, California.Bodega Pastures Sheep are managed in an organic and humane way.We do not spray our fields for weed control nor do we dip our sheep for parasites. We do not inject our sheep with hormones to increase their rate of weight gain or to make them breed out of season.Columbia, Corriedale, Romney, Suffolk, and Churro breeds are represented in our flock.  Our mixed flock is bred for wool color and texture, hardiness and meat quality.  Our wool is prized by handspinners, knitters and weavers.

Our wool comes in a variety of beautiful, natural colors.  It is excellent for hand spinning, felting and many other applications.  All our woolen goods are especially well suited for the environmentally sensitive. Anyone who appreciates natural materials that are produced free of toxins will appreciate our fine fleece.

We make a wide range of products with our wool. We can provide raw or processed wool. Handspinners can choose from raw fleece from several breeds or roving.  Felters can work from raw fleece or batting. Our yarn comes in luscious natural colors and a wide variety of beautiful dyed colors. Our batting can be used for non-toxic, fire retardant insulation, great for homes, chicken coops, etc. We shear in May and market all year round.

Our products are available at the Artisans' Co-op. For more information on Bodega Pastures go to our website at