Photography Showcase This Saturday July 1st

The Artisans' Co-op has over 50 local artisans work on display. This event we are showcasing our local photographers Benedicta Jacobs, Sandy Reinhold, Francesca Scalpi and Bo Svensson.

The photographers will share with you some of their tips in getting the right photo. Want to know type of equipment you need to shoot birds in flight or ocean seascapes? Demonstrations from noon to 4pm.

There will be a free raffle to win prints and photo cards.

Several of the gallery artisans' will also have their art on sale celebrating the Fourth of July.

Artisans Reception from 4pm to 6pm.

Meet Mike Laflin

I grew up on a farm outside Stratford-on-Avon in Warwickshire, England.  I went to Kenya in 1972 and spent the next forty years designing education assistance programs in developing countries, mainly in Africa.  During that time, I collected art, primarily prints and sculptures and absorbed a liking for fluid shapes and textures.
Many of my sculptures explore how wood interacts texturally with metal: the soft, warm feel of wood against the harder-edged definition of metal.  Most of my sculptures and mixed media pieces are abstract, many of them drawn from the natural environment.  For example, I created a twenty-piece sequence of wall plaques that places images of birds and insects, carved in clay and cast in bronze, against a background of highly figured root sections inlaid in walnut.  Another recent piece has fitted copper shapes into the negative spaces created by a twisted five-foot bough of cotoneaster wood.  My most recent large sculpture is of an abstract whale-like figure, carved out of acacia and inset with a section from a plow disc, jumping through an old steel hoop forged during the goldmining period in the Sierra Mountains.  
I use elements of old tools to create new designs.  For example, I disassembled an old Black Hawk corn shucker and used its intricately decorated cast iron to set off geometric patterns of antique cigar molds set in a background of redwood.  “Arabesque”, one of the pieces featured in the Bodega Artisan’s Co-op gallery, inserted laminated and carved wood shapes into a pair of old sheep shears to form a balletic figure poised in an arabesque.
Others are of wood alone.  Perhaps my most personally satisfying pieces are simply carved out of bay and acacia where line and form show off the warmth and grain of the wood.  “Sheba”, also in this gallery, is an example of this.  I use the extravagant colors and grains of exotic hardwoods in marquetry designs in murals and wall art.  
In 2016, I participated in ART Trails and Art at the Source.  Several sculptures have featured in SCA shows since 2014, and some of the “Roots” series are showing at Stone’s Throw Gallery in Cotati.
Website:    Phone: 707-292-0499

Painting Demonstrations at the Painters Showcase

The painters put on a fabulous showcase with demonstrations and a reception.

Meet Jeweler Jessie Howes

Artist Statement
For thousands of years cultures have created, loved, and cherished jewelry. An art form that can evoke a sentimental or emotional attachment, worn in tradition, ceremony, for beauty, for luck, for protection, and for remembrance. It can be passed down from generation to generation,  or be a reflection of a time or era in ones life.

I have always been drawn to metal. Its beauty, strength, and durability lends itself well to the art form of jewelry. For the past 10 years, I have studied the various ways to work with, and manipulate metal, in order to achieve a wide variety of effects. My creations are often inspired by my surroundings, whether it be from the natural textures and impressions found in the organic world, or from reclaimed objects and metals found in our urban environment. I use traditional metal working techniques, such as fabrication, casting, etching, and forging, to create one of a kind pieces, and am always on the search for items that can be reused, and repurposed into art.

Jessie Jewelry Arts

Jessie Jewelry Arts

Meet Painter Liz Stafford

Liz Stafford will be one of our featured painters at our Painter's Showcase at the Artisans' Co-op Gallery on March 18, 2017. Demo's noon to 4:00 --- Reception and raffle 4:00 to 7:00 pm

Artist Profile
When I moved to Bodega Bay in 1996, surrounded by the beauty of the ocean, Salmon Creek Lagoon, and the coastal hills, I began to concentrate on my life-long interests of printing and painting.  I’ve worked with lino-cut printing, dry and oil pastels, and now focus on landscape painting with acrylics.  I find that painting brings great joy and a sustaining connection with the natural world around me, and hope that my paintings inspire these feelings in viewers.

Meet Painter Annie Murphy Springer

Annie Murphy Springer will be one of our featured painters at our Painter's Showcase at the Artisans' Co-op Gallery on March 18, 2017. Demo's noon to 4:00 --- Reception and raffle 4:00 to 7:00 pm

Artist Profile:
Those who collect my art tell me that my paintings “make them feel happy”. They respond to the color, freshness, exuberance and sometimes whimsy of my art.
Painting with watercolor on interesting surfaces and with unique colors is a joyful experience for me.
I especially enjoy teaching others to find similar joy and freedom painting pleine air in beautiful Sonoma County.

Meet Painter Christine McNamara

Christine McNamara
Watercolor’s clarity and transparency make it the perfect medium for depicting the effects of light and atmosphere on the landscape, and it’s also a very portable medium and fun to use.  I’m fortunate to live in beautiful Sonoma County where I can find inspiring subject matter everywhere.  My landscape paintings are done on location (en plein air) with finishing touches in my studio.  I try to achieve a quality of calmness and serenity in the images while maintaining the freshness of the watercolor medium.

In addition to traditional watercolors, I also enjoy creating both abstract and representational collages. Asian papers stained with watercolors are pasted down, and then loosely painted to enhance the interesting textured surfaces. Recently I have been experimenting with painting watercolors on textured panels and the results have been very exciting. My muse for these works has been our beautiful Sonoma coast.  I know I’ll love painting more experimental works this year!


Meet Painter Carol Covey

Beginning in the fall of 1994 I took a drawing class and watercolor classes at the Santa Rosa Junior College with my daughters.

I enjoyed the classes so much that I began painting on a regular basis at home.  I’ve been at it ever since!  I paint mostly with watercolors and enjoy painting flowers the most.

I joined the Artisan’s Coop in 2012. I usually work 3 days a month and enjoy the interaction with the customers.

I hope you enjoy my work

Carol Covey

Carol's work is on display at the Artisans' Co-op. She will be at our Painters Showcase on March 18th.

Meet Painter Carolyn Jarvis

I'm captivated by the process and challenge of creating colorful, spontaneous oil paintings that attempt to capture natural, outdoor light. I've been using a palette knife instead of brushes in my recent paintings because I like the freshness and color vibrancy. Local ocean and vineyard scenery and other places I've have visited on my travels are sources of inspiration. Carolyn Jarvis

Carolyn work is on display at the Artisans' Co-op. She will be at our Painters Showcase on March 18th.

Bodega Pastures Farm Tour November 12th 2pm - 4pm

We are excited to announce that part of our Fiber Arts Showcase will be a tour of Bodega Pastures. Hazel Flett and Abby Kielly are local Shepherds who sell their wool, pillows and sheets at the Artisans' Co-op Gallery. Hazel will be our guide for the Bodega Pastures tour.

Bodega Pastures is a remarkable 1000-acre sheep ranch in the coastal hills of west Sonoma County, California. Bodega Pastures Sheep are managed in an organic and humane way.

The tour is limited to 20 people only. You must RSVP Online.

The 20 lucky people going to the Bodega Pastures Farm Tour will meet at the Artisans' Co-op Gallery at 1:45pm. Hazel our tour guide and Shepherd will show our car caravan the way to the ranch. Co-op Address: 17175 Bodega Hwy, Bodega, CA 94922

New Artisan Camille S. Hoffman - Pottery

Artist Statement
I have been immersed in clay for over 48 years and my discovery of clay is constantly evolving with every piece I make. Each piece is of ITS own SELF and the clay and I work together in the clay's creation of what IT wishes to be. All my glazes are of the highest quality commercial glazes made in the USA. They are food safe/non-toxic glazes. I throw and hand build with the finest porcelain, hybrid and stoneware clays that are available in the SF Bay Area. While I was living in Pacifica, CA, 1999-2011, I discovered clay in my backyard and "mined" it and made it into a fantastic slip, (for the exterior of my pieces), that is a rich chocolate color that shimmers in the sunlight due to the mica that is present in the clay. I love color and with the variety of glazes I can access, the variations are limitless. Enjoy!

New Artisans Jerry Pagnusat - Wooden Boxes

Made from 99% re-purposed wood, that was once part of Jerry's 100 year old farm house. Including tongue and groove from his old removed walls. Other woods are 70 year old heart redwood from fence posts as well as pear and other old tree limbs collected on his property. All the wood was milled in his shop.

Artisans Day Event, September 3rd, 10am to 6pm

The Artisans' Co-op is celebrating 20 years of featuring works of local artisans using traditional methods in their art.  Meet local shepherds, weavers, potters, painters, jewelers, photographers, sculptors, carvers, glass, fiber artists and more.  Artisans' Co-op artisans take pride in traditional handcraft methods and materials. They will be demonstrating these methods throughout the day. Come and enjoy Bodega's local food scene. A family friendly event. The entire town will be celebrating.

Sucessful Jewelry Showcase Event

The Jewelry Guild put on a wonderful showcase with demonstrations, a reception with food and wine and best of all sales on great jewelry.

Bodega Pastures - Wool, Yarn, Pillows, Comforters

Bodega Pastures is a remarkable 1000-acre sheep ranch in the coastal hills of
west Sonoma County, California.Bodega Pastures Sheep are managed in an organic and humane way.We do not spray our fields for weed control nor do we dip our sheep for parasites. We do not inject our sheep with hormones to increase their rate of weight gain or to make them breed out of season.Columbia, Corriedale, Romney, Suffolk, and Churro breeds are represented in our flock.  Our mixed flock is bred for wool color and texture, hardiness and meat quality.  Our wool is prized by handspinners, knitters and weavers.

Our wool comes in a variety of beautiful, natural colors.  It is excellent for hand spinning, felting and many other applications.  All our woolen goods are especially well suited for the environmentally sensitive. Anyone who appreciates natural materials that are produced free of toxins will appreciate our fine fleece.

We make a wide range of products with our wool. We can provide raw or processed wool. Handspinners can choose from raw fleece from several breeds or roving.  Felters can work from raw fleece or batting. Our yarn comes in luscious natural colors and a wide variety of beautiful dyed colors. Our batting can be used for non-toxic, fire retardant insulation, great for homes, chicken coops, etc. We shear in May and market all year round.

Our products are available at the Artisans' Co-op. For more information on Bodega Pastures go to our website at